Morrison Outdoors with Tavis Malcolm

Today on the podcast I am talking with Tavis Malcolm, the founder and creator of Morrison Outdoors, an outdoor gear brand that makes sleeping bags for babies and toddlers. Morrison Outdoors is quickly growing something of a cult following amongst parents who want to get their little ones camping. And for good reason, as I found out on my recent camping trip to Voyageurs National Park. The Big Mo and Little Mo sleeping bags provide a safe sleeping space that will definitely keep your little one warm and comfortable throughout the night. Hattie tried out the Big Mo 20 degree sleeping bag and she honestly slept better than she has on any other camping trip. Now I don’t know if this is because of the Big Mo, or because I weaned her about a month and a half ago but I’ll certainly give some credit to Morrison Outdoors for keeping her cozy and warm on some chilly nights! The Big Mo 20 degree sleeping bag consists of ethically sourced down, quality zippers, and soft fabric. The hands do not have cuffs. This ensures your little one will stay nice and warm. However, Hattie did want some more freedom to use her hands as she fell asleep (She’s gotta snuggle her dolly and her sloth, Fuff.). I kept her arms out of the sleeping bag while she fell asleep and then tucked them in once she was out. This sleeping bag also made a great spot to stay warm on our extra chilly days in rainy Voyageurs National Park. She snuggled in her sleeping bag as we played card games in the tent!

In this episode Tavis shares the story behind Morrison Outdoors and their journey to becoming an outdoor gear company – including how quickly they got into REI and some awards they’ve received from Gear Junkie! I love hearing the inspiration behind small, independent companies and I hope you enjoy Morrison Outdoor’s story as well!

Purchase your Morrison Outdoors sleeping bag here: https://morrisonoutdoors.com/

Follow Morrison Outdoors on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/morrisonoutdoors/

Enter the giveaway with Morrison Outdoors: https://www.instagram.com/outdoorsy.families/

Gear Junkie award: https://gearjunkie.com/outdoor-retailer/best-in-show-winter-gear-outdoor-retailer-2020

Tavis’s Favorite gear: https://www.exped.com/usa/en/product-category/mats/megamat-duo-10-m-green

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