Nature Parade with Nikki Samuels

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Today I’m talking with Nikki Samuels. Nikki recently published her first book, Nature Parade, a beautiful, lyrical story told from the point of view of a pair of shoes. These shoes lead a parade of different sounds and events taking place on an adventure in the outdoors. This book is the perfect transition to fall book, as the beautiful illustrations show the changing of the seasons. It’s been one of our favorites lately, and my daughter loves to join the nature parade by making the sounds along with me. It’s a great book for encouraging unrestricted outdoor play but by approaching it from a different viewpoint. I encourage you to check Nature Parade out for yourself – and get a copy for your family!

I really enjoyed chatting with Nikki about the inspiration for her newest book. We also talk about outdoor play. Nikki is an early childhood educator who loves to teach children through outdoor play, and she provides some great ideas for teaching your own children while playing outside together. A lot of her focus is on observation and following the child’s lead. This is so important in knowing what is driving your children’s interests. By tapping into your children’s interests, you all can learn more and have a more positive outdoor experience. For our own family, I try to follow their interests first and then add my own input second.

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