Welcome! I’m Audrey!

I’m a wife to Richie, mom to two kids, and a former teacher. I’ve also spent my life enthusiastically seeking adventures. From mountain biking in Moab to exploring remote hot springs in Idaho, I have made big adventures a priority.

Becoming a mom doesn’t mean that these things need to stop! In fact, the fun is just beginning. I believe all families can be outdoorsy families and I’m here to help make that happen. With a background in education and leading trips with kids, I’m here to help give you the tools you need to make outdoor time happen with your kids. From big adventures to small ones, being an outdoorsy family is for everyone!

Welcome! I’m Richie!

I’m a husband to Audrey, dad to two kids, and a Recreation professional. I’ve made it my career and life goal to facilitate outdoor adventures for people with all skill levels. I love skiing, boating, whitewater, and anything to do with the water in all its forms.

I’m here to help Audrey with some of the more technical aspects of getting outdoors. You may find me writing an occasional post, guest hosting on the podcast, and sharing my knowledge over on Instagram.

What you can expect here

We want to help you get outside as a family! We’re doing this in several ways.

The Podcast

Audrey hosts biweekly stories of families getting outside. These stories are meant to inspire and encourage you to get outside with your kids! Do you have a story to share? Email [email protected] for a chance to share your story!

The Blog

Weekly blog posts are designed to give you the tips and tools you need to get outside as a family. We share topics from simple tips for increasing outdoor time to teaching little kids how to ski.


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