Reima Snowsuit Gear Review for Kids and Toddlers

We’ve been using Reima gear for years now. Honestly, they’ve got some of my favorite outdoor products for my kids, like affordable yet durable rain mittens, snow boots that are warm, functional, and easy to put on, and some of the most waterproof, durable mittens we own. 

But one place Reima stands out from the crowd is its snowsuits. Reima designs thoughtful snowsuits for toddlers and kids that last through the wear and tear of playtime. With an outer layer created to keep kids dry and insulation for even bitterly cold days, Reima’s snowsuits are a great option for winter outdoor play.  

We’ve used Reima’s snowsuits since our kids were toddlers, and I loved them for playing in the snow. However, I’ve struggled with using their snowsuits for skiing. The tight, elastic ankle cuff on their snowsuits made them incompatible with ski boots. We’d deal with the cuff slipping up above the ski boot, or struggle to slide the stirrup around the bulky ski boots. As a ski family, this was a big disadvantage to their snowsuits. 

So I jumped on the opportunity to try out Reima’s line of ski suits, and they’ve been outstanding for long ski days out in the cold Montana winters. My kids have also loved using these ski suits at school on the playground. They beg me to let them bring them to school, because getting a snowsuit on is so much faster than getting snow pants and jackets on. They know that this is going to maximize their playground time! 

best snowsuits for kids

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Reima Snowsuits: High Quality, Functional Childrenswear for Winter Fun

All Reima snowsuits have some similar characteristics that make them a great choice for any family looking for winter gear for kids. First, all Reima snow suits are made from waterproof and windproof material, making them perfect for very wet surroundings. Second, all Reima snowsuits include warm insulation made from breathable material that keeps kids warm without getting overheated. They’re also made from durable fabrics that can withstand any cold-weather adventures your family has planned. They’re also all tumble dryer friendly, making care easy. Reima has free shipping on orders over $100, and you can often find their snowsuits on sale during their annual end of season sale, typically in February. 

Reima’s website includes details of all their snowsuits, but I find it a bit challenging to tell the difference between all the snowsuit options available. I’ve tried to explain the differences in Reima’s full line of snowsuits below.

View my favorite mittens here!

Reima Reach

I’m a sucker for bright, fun patterns, and the Reima Reach delivers with a cute design that includes little details like skiers and trees on a mountain scape. Reima Reach’s outer layer isn’t only cute, it’s built to keep kids dry for the whole ski day. With a water column resistance of 10K mm, kids stay dry in wet, slushy snow, or even heavy rain. (Please, not during ski season!) The outer material is also super-durable, and includes extra reinforcement on the ankles. 

 The Reach’s insulation is 100% recycled, and keeps kiddos warm down to -5 degrees F, which is awesome! We’ve found our young kids aren’t typically having great ski days when it’s below zero degrees anyway. Those chairlift rides just get too chilly! This is different for every family, but you may want to look at other options if you’re planning on skiing in sub-zero temperatures frequently. 

Some of my favorite features of the Reima Reach include skiing-specific features, such as a wide hood that easily accommodates ski helmets. I also love the lycra cuffs to keep snow and slush out of the inside of the arms. The snap buttons on the detachable hood also means that we can take the hood off easily when it’s not in use. Waterproof zip pockets and seams means there’s not a chance of moisture getting in. The RFID ski pass pocket is another convenient feature for skiers. But most of all, I love the snowlock leg cuffs, making it so easy to fit the snowsuit over ski or snowboarding boots. This, for me, is a must in any ski gear. 

The Reach is a great choice for families looking for ski gear that’s versatile and perfect for any type of active play. 


Very warm and waterproof

Skiing-specific features make wearing on the slopes a breeze

With a smooth polyester lining, it’s super easy to get on, giving kids more independence for the ski day

Cute patterns


My kids (who are still pretty little) find the ski pass pocket uncomfortable when the pass is in place. 

Reima Palaten

The Reima Palaten is the other skiing-specific snowsuit in Reima’s lineup. With a solid color, this snowsuit has a more minimalist design than the Reima Reach. My son loves the all black color, and says he looks like Darth Vadar on skis. (Should I be concerned he loves villians?) Like the Reach, the Palaten has waterproof fabric up to 10K mm, which will keep kids nice and dry on wet ski days. It’s even held up great in very wet conditions, like the playground on rainy outdoor recess days. 

The Palaten features lighter insulation than the Reach, keeping kids warm and cozy with cold temperatures down to 15 degrees F with 100% recycled insulation. I’m not sure why this one isn’t as insulated as the Reach. My son hasn’t worn it in very cold weather yet, so I’m not sure how well it would work on super cold days. 

The Palaten features an easily adjustable waist and extra pockets in the front and back of the snowsuit. There’s also the ski pass pocket. The extra-wide hood fits comfortably with ski helmets, and I like that the velcro across the face acts as a face mask on its own! It’s also an adjustable hood, with a strap at the back that can be used to adjust the fit between ski days and playing outside. The reflective details are also a great feature that I love about the Palaten, and most Reima products. Just like the Reach, the Palaten’s ankle cuff is wide and easy to slide comfortably over ski boots. Unlike the Reach, the Palaten features durable reinforcements on the backside and knees, making it ideal for snowboarding kids who spend more time in the snow than skiers. 


The Palaten is a stylish, high-quality, waterproof snowsuit for skiers and snowboarders

Kids keep very dry on wet days

Easy for kids to get independently dressed.


There’s a $20 difference between the Palaten and the Reach. Other than the extra reinforcement, I don’t know what causes this price difference, especially since the Palaten isn’t rated for as cold of temperatures. 

The velcro on the adjustable waist straps seems to come undone if snow gets trapped there. 

My kids don’t like the fit of the ski pass pocket.

Reima Snowsuit Sizing

Reima products are built to grow with your child, and Reima’s snowsuits are no different! Reima’s snowsuits run about 6 cm larger than average, which means you child will have plenty of room to grow! However, you’ll want to make sure you use Reima’s virtual fitting room to see what size snowsuit your kid needs. When I entered the information, both my kids were able to wear a 5T (they’re two years apart!). My daughter will probably be able to wear hers for two more seasons, while my son will probably outgrow his height-wise after one more season. 

Just be aware that if you size up, your kid will most likely be swimming in extra fabric! Honestly, I’d just recommend ordering Reima products for your child’s current size.

Other Kids Reima Snowsuits

Reima Stavanger is the go-to choice in snowsuits if your kids can tend to be rough on gear. With detachable fur, 100% recycled insulation, and super durable material, this snowsuit is tough and warm for winter outdoor life! This snowsuit also features a long zipper, making it easy for kids to get in and out of the snowsuit, and durable silicone foot loops that keep the snowsuit snugly in place on winter adventures. 

Reima Aapua is the go-to choice for families living in sub-zero temperatures. This ultra-warm snowsuit features 550 fill down insulation, making it suitable for temperatures down to -20 degrees fahrenheit. Add in an insulated seat and waterproofing, and this snowsuit is ready to withstand anything your family is getting up to on a cold, winter day. Like all Reima’s snowsuits outside of the skiing-specific line, the Aapua features elastic leg cuffs, keeping the snowsuit secure for little ankles. 

I’m a sucker for a cute pattern, and the Reima Kipina delivers! This uniquely designed snowsuit features reinforced, tough material in the lower half for kids who are tough on gear, but also is suitable for temperatures down to -20 degrees fahrenheit – with recycled synthetic insulation! The waterproof design is perfect for slushy days outside in the cold. 

The Reima Kauhava is similar to the Kipina, but with solid colors and rated to -5 degrees fahrenheit. The extra tough material on the lower half of the snowsuit makes this a great options for kids in outdoor schools where they’re going to be spending lots of time outdoors. 

Reima Kurikka is a snowsuit for toddlers and kids, featuring an adorable pattern, reinforced knees, seat, and ankles, Unlike some of the other snowsuits, this one doesn’t include a flap to cover the zipper. However, it still has sealed seams and is considered waterproof up to 10K mm. 

Two kids skiing with snowsuits on. One is a black snowsuit and one is a blue pattern snowsuit

Other Baby and Toddler Reima Snowsuits

Reima Gotland comes in a wide variety of solid colors for toddlers size 12-18M through 3T. It’s perfect for temperatures ranging from 35- negative 5 degrees Fahrenheit, and features  Like all of Reima’s snowsuits, the Gotland is designed with 10K waterproofing, making it perfect for playing outside all day!

Reima Puhuri has, in my opinion, the most adorable patterns for babies and toddlers. It’s also a great deal, coming in just under $100. This was the snowsuit we used for our toddlers when we lived in Northern Minnesota. Rated down to -5 degrees, I know from experience that this snowsuit can withstand frigid temperatures – and at a great price! We loved this waterproof toddler’s snowsuit, and wish it came in larger sizes at this price!

Reima Lappi is another adorable printed snowsuit for babies and toddlers. Unlike the Puhuri, the Lappi has detachable faux fur trim on the hood, which seems to be the main difference between the two snowsuits. Like the other snowsuits in Reima’s lineup, the Reimatec Lappi includes silicone bootstraps to keep the snowsuit secure for the youngest children. 

Reima Langes features cute patterns for babies and toddlers on this waterproofed snowsuit. Like all of Reima’s snowsuits, the Langes features waterproofing up to 10K mm, and is insulated for temperatures down to -5 degrees Fahrenheit, as well as strong fabric built to last.

two kids skiing in snowsuits.

Reima Snowsuits: The Perfect Choice for Winter Outdoor Play

With such a wide range of snowsuit options, you’ll find the perfect choice in snowsuit for your child’s next winter adventure. For me personally, I love that Reima has created a skiing-specific snowsuit that combines all the great things about Reima’s snowsuits, but designed specifically to meet a skier’s needs. 

If you’re looking for other ski gear recommendations, check out my Ultimate Guide for Ski Gear for Kids!

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