Niños and Nature with Naomi Noyes

Naomi Noyes

 Today I’m talking with Naomi Noyes from Niños and Nature. Naomi is a mother to twin 3-year-old girls and an educator. She’s passionate about nature play, Spanish immersion, and spending quality time outdoors with kids. Naomi’s course, Con Mi Familia allows parents and young children the opportunity to learn Spanish through play, especially nature play. Naomi’s newest course, Spanish in the Wild is a nature-based Spanish course for ages 5 through high school. This course focuses on learning Spanish while also learning about nature and the natural world! Naomi is also opening a forest school in her hometown near the Blueridge Mountains in Virginia. Naomi’s cheerful attitude and her amazing pursuit of her goals made our conversation so much fun!

Before becoming a work-at-home mom, Naomi was a high school Spanish teacher. Just before the pandemic began, Naomi realized she needed to step away from her career as a public school teacher and focus on herself and her family. Knowing that their family needed another income – Naomi began brainstorming ideas for her future business. The idea for Niños and Nature actually came to her in the shower! From there, she launched into action, creating the framework for her popular online course, Con mi Familia. Now that restrictions on meetings are easing, Naomi is beginning her dream of starting a forest school this month! She will be teaching preschool students at a park near her home, with a fully outdoor setting! The focus of the forest school will be to provide an immersive, bilingual forest school experience. I love this unique take on forest school education. If you are not familiar with forest schools, check out this article from the Forest School Association.

Check out Naomi’s website, Niños and Nature.

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