Healing in Nature with Renee Burns

Episode 6 Healing with Renee Burns

This week on the podcast I am talking with Renee Burns. Renee is an adventurer and long time wilderness educator and guide. She is also a NICU mom to her little micro-preemies born at 26 weeks. Throughout their NICU journey, Renee and her husband, Zach, used their wilderness guiding skills to stay positive and focused on getting their babies home. After months in the NICU, her babies were able to come home and have been adventuring outside since. Renee shares their journey of healing through nature and the outdoors. Renee also owns two outdoor-focused businesses with her husband, Zach.

Renee’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/raisingpeacefulwarriors/

Renee’s website: https://www.raisingpeacefulwarriors.com/

DAVE the Adventure Van: https://www.instagram.com/duluthadventurevan/


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