Two Wheeling Tots with Natalie Martins and Carrie Wren

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On Episode 5 of Outdoorsy Families, I talk with Natalie Martins and Carrie Wren from Two Wheeling Tots. They share the story behind their successful kid’s bike review website, the mission behind their website, and some of their own favorite bike products. We also discuss how to pick out a bike for your kid and how to get your toddler riding. Natalie and Carrie shared some of their favorite products, which I’ve included links to below.

Mac Ride:

Kids Ride Shotgun:

TowWhee Tow Rope:

Thule Yepp Mini:

Hamax Observer:

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  1. You’re the Carrie Wren who did the wonderful guide to cheap kids bikes, right? Thanks so much for all the thought and care that went into that. I have a bike school in the Boston area, Bicycle Riding School, and I’m working on a handout to give parents helping them pick out a bike for their kid and your guide has come in very handy. There is one addition I’d like to make to your advice for learning to ride. When a kid is using their bike as a balance bike, have them turn the wheels the way they’re leaning to get their balance quicker than just trying to glide without knowing that trick. Literally hundreds of the thousands of people I’ve taught to ride have told me that that piece of advice unlocked the whole process for them. I have the process broken down, step-by-step, on my website Thanks, again!

    1. Yes, that was Carrie Wren from Two Wheeling Tots who made that guide (and others!)

      Thank you for your tip. I’ll give it a try with my 2 year old as she’s learning to ride her balance bike. I’ll certainly check out your website as well!

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