National Parks with Rob and Sarah Gardner

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Rob and Sarah Gardner began traveling to the National Parks with their children in 2016. Their family left this experience changed, and motivated to make a difference for National Parks. As the owners of Joovy, they knew they could use their company to raise awareness and contribute to supporting the Parks system. After talking with the National Park Foundation, Joovy partnered with the National Park Foundation to raise awareness about endangered species. Joovy has also committed to giving back to the National Park Foundation by donating $200,000 through the sale of their National Parks edition products. The National Park Foundation is the charitable foundation for NPS. They work to protect the wildlife and land within the National Parks.

During our discussion, Rob and Sarah share the inspiration for their partnership. They also share information about endangered species within the parks system, and what we can do to help these animals. Joovy has created a collection of animals inspired by those same animals that are endangered in our National Parks. This includes the southern sea otter, black-footed ferret, Hawaiian hoary bat, and Sonoran pronghorn. They hope that through their partnership and with these products, Joovy can bring greater awareness to endangered species.

See the National Parks Collection from Joovy:

Read about the partnership with the National Park Foundation:

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