Instagram vs. Reality with Jess Sproat

Jess Sproat

Today I’m talking with Jess Sproat about Instagram vs. Reality. We also talk about making time for the outdoors and finding time for solo adventures. Jess is also the co-founder at TrailCollectiv. We talk about how she became involved in this awesome project and what you can do to join TrailCollectiv.

 I had such a great time talking with her about what regular life with a toddler looks like, despite what Instagram may portray. I love that she gives the reminder that even with a lot of followers, she lives a normal life with big toddler feeling and moments of figuring out how to make time for getting outside. Before I began Outdoorsy Families, I was a pretty casual user of Instagram, with my private account. I never really understood when people talked about comparisons on Instagram or Instagram vs. Reality. Mostly because I wasn’t really that engaged in others success on Instagram. Now that I am on it each day and trying to grow, I have felt moments of comparing myself to others. I’ve even wondered if I am “good enough” to share tips for getting outside. My conversation with Jess was a good reminder for me that we each have a story to share – and that we each have a normal life outside of Instagram.

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