Gift Guide for Outdoorsy Moms (2022)

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Outdoor Gifts for Moms

Mother’s Day is coming up soon. Are you still struggling to decide what to get the mama in your life? (Or your kid’s life?) Look no further! I’ve got the ultimate Mother’s Day gift guide to get the outside-loving mama ready for summer adventures! Shopping for an outdoor mom can get expensive, so I’ve tried to include a mix of affordable gifts that could work anytime of year as well as big ticket gear that the mom in your life may be dreaming of! Give the adventurous mom in your life something that will get her out on the next outdoor adventure.

Outdoor Gifts for $25 and Under

Black Diamond Headlamp

After a big day of playing on the water, hiking, getting the kids to bed in a tent, and a few cocktails, your mom is going to need a way to guide her back to the safety of her tent. This little Black Diamond headlamp gets the job done! I’ve got this no-frills headlamp myself and it has never led me astray as I seek out the comfort of my sleeping bag.

Water Tumbler

When kicking it back at camp, mama’s going to need a cup to keep her beverage nice and cool. I love a big tumbler for water and have been drinking out of one since I was pregnant with Hattie. Since I’m STILL breastfeeding her, I still have a big thirst. (Nothing like breastfeeding and being outside to make a lady need a ton of water!). This one is the perfect way to keep that water chilly, plus you can use a straw for ultimate ease of hydration.

Darn Tough Socks 

Nothing says “I love you” like a good pair of hiking socks. (Seriously, I believe this is an actual thing based on the number of socks I’ve been given over the years.) Nonetheless, the most durable, comfortable, form-fitting hiking sock I’ve found has been the Darn Tough. These socks last literally YEARS without any wear and tear. I have a few of the taller style, but would love to try the ankle height.

Outdoor Gifts for $26-50 


Stanley Adventure Happy Hour 

If your mama is looking for something to keep her campfire cocktail fresh and cool check out this one. It’s the full campfire cocktail creation kit. Perfect for when you (finally) get the kids to sleep and want nothing more than to relax with a drink!

Outdoor Gifts for $50-100

ENO Hammock

There is something so relaxing about sitting under the outdoor sky in a hammock. This one person hammock is great for some solo self care. But, since you’re shopping for a mom, you’ll want to upgrade to the two person! I can fit in my two person hammock comfortably with myself and my two wiggly little ones. 

Chaco Sandals 

Is mom in need of new water shoes? I personally am done with open-toe water shoes. I’m at a point in my life where I don’t need to stub my toe on another rock. I find the classic closed-toe Keen a bit too bulky. But Chaco is creating fantastic lightweight, closed-toe water shoes that will transition easily from hiking to walking in creeks, streams, and rocky lakes. If closed-toe isn’t your mom’s thing check out the ever-so comfy, always stylish classic Chaco.

Outdoor Gifts for Over $100

NRS Zoya 

The NRS Zoya lifejacket. This lifejacket has just enough flotation that you can comfortably swim with your kids in the water while playing on and off the raft, boat, or paddleboard. It’s also very comfortable and not too hot. NRS is known for its amazing quality and this lifejacket definitely doesn’t disappoint!

Osprey Sirrus

The Osprey Sirrus is a fantastic daypack that I have personally used for years. It features plenty of storage, a rain fly, and the mesh back keeps mom cool and in control while hiking. This is a great option for your mama to finally get a day hiking without a toddler on her back, or for moms who have moved past the baby/toddler on the back scenario!

Deuter Kid Comfort Pro

If the mom in your life is still rockin’ a kid on her back then do her a favor and give her the ultimate upgrade in kid-schlepping experience. The Deuter Kid Comfort Pro is comfortable for everyone involved, from mom to napping toddler. Plus with all the storage space, mom is going to be a snack-hauling, first aid kit ready, extra layers prepared superhero.

Outdoor Gifts for Outdoor Moms 

I hope these outdoorsy gifts will inspire you to get the perfect Mother’s Day present for the mom in your life. If you purchase something from this list, please let me know how that mama is enjoying her gift! And if you’re a mom worried that your kids or spouse aren’t getting a clue about what you want for Mother’s Day, be sure to share this post to help them find the inspiration they need! (Before they run out of time!)

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