Do you want to get your kids skiing?

This 21-page guide gives you all the information you need to get your kids out on the mountain! It walks you through everything from where to buy ski gear, choose a ski resort, and help your kids make their first turns. You also get packing lists, information on safety at the ski hill, and much more!

Best still, I’m sharing all these goodies for free! I want more families to experience how fun and accessible skiing can actually be.

Hi! I’m Audrey.

I created Outdoorsy Families as a way to help all families become outdoorsy families. I believe outdoor play is essential to our children’s childhood – and I think it’s just as important for us parents too!

I’m a stay-at-home mom of two, who would rather be outside than inside. From camping and hiking to skiing, we take outdoor adventures all year long.

I’m also an Okie transplant to the West who didn’t learn to ski until I was 17! In college I met a really cute ski instructor, I learned to ski the whole mountain, and eventually married that instructor! Thanks to Richie I learned to not only feel confident skiing in all different terrain but also feel confident teaching our kids how to ski!

Ready to get your family shredding?